Steve Rumble Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why should I hire you?

A:  Because I'm awesome! Seriously though, this is probably the most important question you could ask, and not one that is easily answered on paper (or screen!). I assume you have looked at my website, and my Facebook page. You like my pictures, you like the positive reviews I have been given by clients, and my beginning investment seems reasonable. I think the connection that I make with my clients really brings out the best in them, and results in wedding photos and personal portraits that truly reflect the people in the photographs. 

  I can tell you that I have a wonderful sense of humour, and that I am easy-going, which will be welcome qualities on your busy wedding day, or for a family portrait session when children and husbands might want to be elsewhere! I take charge when I need to, but I really like to have fun with my clients. Once you hire me as your Durham Region wedding photographer or portrait photographer, I will be available to you to answer your questions, and to work with you to ensure your wedding day photographs and family portraits are what you were hoping for. Your session, whether it be wedding photography, an engagement session, or portrait session... in fact the whole process from start to finish will be easy, relaxed and fun!

  The prints and products that I offer as add-ons to my wedding collections are of superior quality, printed at a professional Canadian print shop. They use archival papers for all of their printing, meaning that colour is consistent and won’t fade over time. I think that if you compare my wedding collections to other photographers, you will agree that I offer great value for your money. I offer some unique ways to display your photographs that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

  Finally, I am a registered business and I am fully insured. I have back-up equipment just in case of emergencies. I have the proper equipment and technical know-how to light your reception venue and ensure your images are what you hope they will be.

  Please get in touch with me to discuss your wedding day or ideas for a portrait session. I have a comfortable home studio where I can show you some of the products that I offer, and we can chat about how I can meet your wedding photography needs. Come have a coffee or tea in a no-pressure, no-obligation consultation!

Steve Rumble Photography
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Q:  How would you describe your style?

A:  I guess it really depends on what I’m shooting.

  If it’s a family portrait session, then I don’t tend to use a lot of photojournalism simply due to time constraints. I like people to be relaxed and natural in their photos so my approach to posing is pretty organic. I start by having a family gather together in whatever way feels natural. Then I will make adjustments to anything that doesn’t quite work (hands, legs, heads, etc.!) in order to achieve a balanced picture with emphasis on faces. 

  If I am working with a bride and groom in downtown Toronto, the pace will probably be a bit faster, but if we are at a local nature trail, we might take it a bit slower. I love both urban architecture in cities, and outdoor natural environments, and there are plenty of both in the Durham Region and the GTA!

  For weddings, of course I love candid, photojournalistic photographs. There is something about capturing moments between people when they are not totally aware that I’m taking pictures. I feel that this truly represents a person. Of course, traditional posed family photos are essential for weddings, too, and I have the posing knowledge and attention to detail to make your wedding photography beautiful! So I guess you could say I use a mix of photojournalism and traditional posed portraits for families and wedding parties.

Q:  Do you work with a second shooter?

A:  My wedding collections include 1 photographer (me!), but a second shooter is an optional add-on if you feel that you require it. I have a few fantastic photographers that I work with, and can call on these fine people when needed. There are definite advantages and disadvantages to having a second shooter. Please contact me to discuss this further.

Q:  What (geographic) areas do you work in?

A:  Although I am based in  the Durham Region (Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Bowmanville, Newcastle), I have been involved with wedding photography and portrait sessions in Toronto, the GTA, Peterborough, Cobourg, and as far east as Belleville. I am willing to travel anywhere in central Ontario, really! Depending on where your wedding is, there may be travel fees.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: I use professional Canon cameras and speedlites (flashes), and just as important, a selection of professional Canon and Sigma lenses. I have back-ups for emergencies, and I carry a variety of accessories to use when necessary. I love natural light, but I know what to do and use when the quality and quantity of light just isn't there. Although it is important to have reliable, professional equipment, it is FAR more important to know how to use it, how to find the best light, how to pose subjects, how to pick out complementary backgrounds, and how to bring out the best in people. I have the experience to make stunning wedding images and portraits in a variety of situations.

Q: Do you “Photoshop” your images?

A: I use mainly Adobe Lightroom for processing my pictures, and occasionally Photoshop for more detailed work. These programs are the standard in professional photography post-processing. This is one of the things that sets professional portraits apart from snapshots. I don’t heavily edit my pictures, but I do tweak exposure, colours, sharpness, and apply creative cropping. I personally don’t like over-processed pictures. My style is pretty natural, and I think this is far more likely to stand the test of time. Trendy filters and techniques will look pretty dated in a few years, in my opinion.